Monday, January 29, 2007

A Great Gift

Altthough I am not as good a photographer as Alissa, I just had to take these shots out our windows at the birds in the yard chowing down on these wonderful bird feeders. The pictures aren't too clear because the windows are pretty dirty from the winter rains. Anyway, Drew and Nick made these bird feeders for us for Christmas, and I waited until Nick could come up and help me hang them before we put them out. We had four, and we put out two. They were so popular with the neighborhood birds that they were used up pretty quickly, so I have hung out the other two. It's amazing how fascinating it can be to sit and watch the birds work at these feeders. The cardinals attack head-on, while the littler sparrows and juncos hover like a hummingbird would. It seems that we have created a routine, and now we will have to keep it up. After all, the birds are now depending on us for easy meals, and the weather is cold enough to warrant it. Either I am going to have to slather peanut butter and birdseed all over these cones again, or I am going to have to recruit the boys to come up and do it for me. That seems like the best idea to me! I know I could buy a traditional bird feeder, but the birds seem to like the peanut butter, and it does make them work for their meal.

Anyway, thanks, boys, for the great gift! Grandpa and I are getting a lot of pleasure from it!


Alissa said...

The boys love the pictures! I'm sure they'll be happy to help you make more--until then buy the suet cakes at the store. They will like them just as well, and they're much easier to deal with than loose bird seed...

Susie said...

Love the picture of the cardinal! We don't get those in CA!
What a great idea for a gift from the boys!