Thursday, February 22, 2007

It's Peeps Season!

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a sweet tooth. However, it's a pretty discriminating one. I eat dark chocolate all year-for health reasons, ostensibly. It's not my only guilty pleasure, but I indulge in all my other favorites in particular seasons of the year. For example, it seems I like circus peanuts in the summertime, for whatever reason. I eat candy corn and peanut butter kisses in the fall, for obvious reasons. In the spring, it's Peeps season. I LOVE Peeps, and I have since I was a very little girl. About the time of the beginning of Lent, when I see them in the stores, I am ready to indulge my sweet tooth. I allow myself one large package of Peeps per week from now until shortly after Easter, when my supply has always dried up.
I think of all my favorite candies, Peeps are the ultimate ones for me. They are very sweet and gooey, and I can eat and eat them. I have to dole them out to myself, or I would be the size of a boat, not that I'm dainty as I am. They are really best when they get stale and chewy with the sugar turning crusty on the outside. However, it's not often that I can manage to let them sit around in an open package long enough for that to happen.
It used to be that Peeps were only available in the season before Easter, and, in my opinion, that's they way it should have stayed. However, the people at the Just Born factory in Pennsylvania have branched out. Not only do Peeps now come in colors other than the traditional yellow and pink, but they also are available now in many shapes and colors for other seasons as well. I will eat Peeps of a different color, but I just can't see eating them as black bats, orange pumpkins, red or white or blue stars, green Christmas trees, or white snowmen. That's just wrong. I don't know how well these other Peeps sell in the other seasons, but I for one don't buy them. Peeps are for the Easter season. Summer, fall, and winter are for other candies, for goodness sakes!
But now it's Peeps season, and I opened my first package last night, as you can see from the evidence above. They are the new green ones, and they are fine. They melt in my mouth just like they are supposed to. These are the chicks, because the bunnies weren't on the shelf. I usually buy the bunnies because there are 16 in the pack instead of 15. After all, I want to get the most eating pleasure for my money. Next week, I'll be more patient and seek the bunnies out. Wow--Peeps season! Life is good...


Anonymous said...

You know I love Peeps just as much as you do, stale and all. I hadn't seen the green ones yet. But...

...I thought the same things about all the other holiday peeps, and I never bought them. Then someone gave me a package of valentine ones shaped like hearts, AND, they were vanilla flavored! AND, they had sprinkles! They were awesome. And they were just different enough tasting that it was a wonderful treat without taking away from traditional peeps.

Yellow are the best. Yellow bunnies.

Susie said...

Well I guess it's confession time here...
I absolutely postively can not stand peeps. Never liked them never will. They are made of marshmallow!
Now you know! Now chocolate: bring it on!!!
(can we still be friends??)