Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day.. the young mothers and those who want to be this day. I know that I am a mother and that once a mother, always a mother. However, I really don't think of Mother's Day for mothers like me. I have done the majority of my job as a mom and have passed the more active torch to the younger generation. I can now sleep in on most mornings and can eat on a schedule that suits me. I read lots of books and pursue hobbies at my leisure. My house, although it gets dusty, doesn't really get messy most of the time (except maybe the kitchen and my desk!). I am not constantly running errands and ferrying kids around. I no longer have to dread report card day during the school year. I don't even have to keep track of the school year. There ARE benefits to being old and retired..

However, I remember the days when it seemed I would never get enough sleep, and I would just keep repeating, "Calgon, take me away!" The exploits of the grandchildren which so amuse me nowadays used to be frustrating and infuriating when the young kids were my own. I remember going into stores and having the kids hide in the clothing racks, and then when I would find them, they would flinch away from me as if I were going to beat them silly, which was not something I did. I remember trying to get them to take a nap or go to bed and have them pop out continually for one or another reason. I remember wet beds and sleepwalking and sick children whom I couldn't make comfortable. And much of this was during the time I was a stay-at-home mom. I don't know how well I would have been able to handle a job, too!

To be fair, I also remember bouquets of flowers picked from the fields, homemade cards, lots of fun swimming in the pool, and seeing school programs. I remember impish grins and silly jokes. I remember family vacations, birthdays, and holidays that were joyful. I remember many instances where the kids made me proud and happy.

Life as a mother is a mixed bag, but it's always a blessing. I am glad that our children have grown and have taken their places as responsible members of society. I am proud of all three of them and the life mates they have chosen. I am thrilled to be a grandma, a little more indulgent than I was as a mother.

Today's young mothers have more challenges than I had to face when my kids were small. We didn't worry so much about poison in Halloween candy or internet predators or stranger dangers. Our children didn't seem to be tempted by drugs, which were around, but not so prevalent as today. The most offensive music then couldn't hold a candle to what is being played today. Television shows for families abounded, and children were able to remain children longer than they are today. It's so hard to keep kids innocent today, and I think that's important when raising them. They have to have time to develop naturally on their own and not be forced into maturity before they are ready. It's a tough job being a mother and nurturer today, and my hat's off to all of the young mothers I know for taking on the job and doing it so well. Happy Mother's Day to Alissa, Shira, and Kellie (aunt extraordinaire, to this point...)!


Alissa said...

I am so clever. As an extra Mother's Day gift, I fixed your photos. That was the order you wanted them in, right? I do like that photo of me and the boys--if you ever feel like e-mailing it to me so that I can order a print that would be great.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

Susie said...

My life is somewhat different than yours since I do childcare for my grandchildren. My house gets messy and my time isn't my own too often. I wouldn't change a thing right now.
I can certainly look forward to some of those perks some day though!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the Happy Mothers Day and to you too! I'm glad to hear you liked your present (sorry this is so late,haven't kept up with the blogs unless chip points one out to me). I need to talk to you about something actually so maybe that long awaited coffee date can happen soon...i know the birthday season is fast approaching(mine,yours and doug just in june!) but maybe we can get together soon. I'll call you. Aiva says "hello grammma".