Saturday, May 26, 2007

An Idyllic Spot

As a response to a request from Sue, here are a few pictures of our pond. You may have to look close to see the water, but it's there. Alissa probably has some much better pictures of it than I do, as she is the much better photographer. However, it's not about the pictures, but about the pond...

The pond is on the right rear quadrant of our 10-acre hobby "farm." Actually, it used to be a working hobby farm, but now it is mostly just a pretty pastoral setting. Our house is located at the left front quadrant of the property, so the pond is about as far from the house as you can be and still be on our property. It is far removed in time, too, I guess. Back at the pond, there are no sounds of television or even much of cars or machinery, despite the fact that it is not far from a small road that runs behind it. It is very quiet and peaceful, and the only sounds you usually hear are birds or frogs. It sits in a wooded copse, and there is a large hill that blocks the view of the house.

Once upon a time, in our first years at the farm, the pond was used by cows and horses for watering. It was a vital source for livestock water, especially in winter when the kids and I would bundle up and drag back there to break the ice with a sledgehammer so the animals could drink. However, the pond, which was never very deep to begin with, dried up in the summer of 1984, when we had a drought around here. The bottom cracked open, and for several years, water would seep out the bottom, and since it is not spring-fed, the pond almost became extinct. That's about the time the pine tree died and fell across and above the surface. We left it there for frogs and turtles to use. Around about 1990, the floor had resealed itself, and now the pond survives as a small reflecting surface and home to frogs, turtles, bugs, and an occasional snake.

It's also a retreat of sorts for me, as it used to be for Alissa and her friend Jennifer when they were kids. Now I like to take my book, my lawn chair, and a Diet Dr. Pepper back there on pleasant afternoons and escape from the noise of life. I take the walkie-talkie with me in case Terry needs to get in touch with me, but mainly I just either read, doze, or just listen to the sounds of nature. It's idyllic, indeed.

When we finally pack up our stuff and leave this house to Doug and Kellie, I will miss having the pond to escape to. But I know that Kellie will enjoy it just like I do, and future grandchildren will explore back there just like our kids did. Meanwhile, life is good...


Anonymous said...

Quadrant?? Copse?? Your teacherness is showing... :-)

I don't have many photos of the pond. Perhaps I'll have to remedy that next week. It is a nice spot. Jennifer asked me recently if it was still there.

Susie said...

Thanks for sharing your photos of your pond. I can see why it would be a really quiet and special retreat for you.
I know I'd feel just the same if I were lucky enough to have such a great place nearby!

Motherkitty said...

Hi, Nancy, just stopped by to catch up on your posts. Loved your pond pictures. It looks so tranquil (and could contain some "creatures" like snakes and ticks and chiggers, oh my). But, I can picture you spending some really peaceful time out there. Any fish in that old pond? I'm sure the grandkids love to explore the area to see what they can see.

Hope everything is going great with you and that husband is recuperating better now that he's at home.

I appreciate your comments on my blog and will let everybody know when our newest grandbaby decides to make a visit. Today's my daughter's due date (she had her doctor's appointment yesterday) but we haven't heard from her. I, as you can imagine, am on tenderhooks just waiting for their call that they are at the hospital.

Have a great day.