Thursday, June 21, 2007


When I was at the doctor with Terry last week, I asked the doctor to write me a new prescription for my allergy pills. He said he would, and I should ask the nurse to pull my chart so he could note it. They couldn't find my chart since I hadn't been there for myself in over 3 years. That's when he said that maybe I should come in and have some bloodwork done. Now I have bloodwork done every month at the rheumatologist's office, and he checks everything under the sun--except cholesterol. So my primary care doctor wanted a cholesterol check. Since I haven't had it done in almost 10 years, I readily agreed. I didn't expect a problem, in spite of my generous size. The last time it was checked I was as large as I am now, and it was 200, which was at the high end of normal. Since that time, I have improved my diet and my exercise routine. My cholesterol was bound to go down, right? Not! When the doctor walked in the room with the results, he had this long face and serious manner. He said I was not all right, after all. My cholesterol was 265, and my bad cholesterol was about 65 points higher than it should be. I think my triglycerides were high, too, but the good cholesterol was okay. Go figure. I asked him how this could be when I eat a low-fat, low cholesterol diet and exercise regularly. He said it was probably hereditary. Anyway, he sent me on my way with samples of Crestor to take. He acted as if things were serious, but I noticed that he gave me the pills with the minimum dosage, so I doubt that I am in danger of having my veins clog up tomorrow. He also didn't tell me to change my diet and lose weight. I am to take them for a month and see if they make a difference. Surely they will.

I have managed for many years to escape issues with blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol in spite of my weight. I guess I was bound to get caught sooner or later. At least the blood pressure is still good, and the sugar is fine. Overall, my health is very good, in spite of the rheumatoid arthritis, so I'm not worried about a little cholesterol problem. Things could be SO much worse. Life is good...


Anonymous said...

Of course he didn't tell you to eat better and exercise more--you're already doing that and he knows it! Probably the medicine will do the trick.

So, when are we going to see that prize-winning art work and the ribbons? Come on, brag a little!

Susie said...

I need to schedule a recheck with my Dr. at some point soon too.
High cholesterol runs in my family too, but so far mine has been fine. Hopefully those pills will bring yours right down.
Now: what's this about winning a prize winning art work??? Show & tell time!!!