Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Oh, Well...

You were going to be "treated" to a picture of my latest painting, of a desert sunset, but I couldn't get it to upload. So you will just have to imagine the silhouettes of saguaro cacti against a background of a sky that darkens from a brilliant yellow to a coral pink to deep purple. Maybe I will try to post it next week when I paint another scene. Otherwise, you will just have to visualize it. I chose the Sonoran desert for a subject because I loved visiting it almost as much as I love the beach, and I knew I needed to paint something different. It turned out pretty well, I guess, but you may never know.

On another note, the old guy and I went to visit Alissa, Andy, and the boys last weekend for the big birthday bash. A good time was had by all. This was our first visit there in almost a year, and it was also our first overnight trip in just about as long. I think the old guy viewed the trip with some trepidation, but we were both pleasantly surprised by how well he did. I know it tired him, but we both saw that he can make short trips like this without too much duress. That's a plus! :)

However, just as we thought it was safe to get back into the water (to quote "Jaws")and health issues were improving, we went to the doctor today to get the results of the monthly bloodwork. While my cholesterol was responding pretty well to the Crestor, it seems I will need a larger dose to get the numbers where the doctor wants them. Not a big deal. Unfortunately, the old guy didn't get as good a report. It seems his creatinine number is up, and the doctor is concerned. This has happened before, and reducing the dose of furosemide has brought the number back where it should be. So he has to cut his dose of furosemide in half and check it again in a few weeks. While this isn't great news, it could be worse. However, the old guy being who he is, is very worried. He has been waiting for the other shoe to drop for some time, and now it has. He said, very seriously, as we came home, that by next year at this time, he will probably be on dialysis! I think he is overreacting, but I do understand. He has been through a lot, and he has grown to always expect the worst. I know he is concerned that he will begin retaining water again. It seems it is a very delicate balance. It promises to be a very long two weeks. Hopefully, he will cheer up some and we can have a grandson visit. That would be diverting--at least for me! :) Anyway, we wait and remember that life is good.


Susie said...

Hi Nancy,
How wonderful that you were able to get away even for an overnight. A change of scenery does brighten things.
I'll keep you both in my prayers. Growing older is not for sissys is it!!
PS I'm eager to see the picture. I know it's great!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I want to see the picture, too. Try again!

Dialysis would not be any fun at all. And I imagine he's overreacting. But it wouldn't be the end of the world, and if it keeps him healthy then so be it. And just think of all the nurses he'd get to flirt with! :-)