Thursday, August 16, 2007

In Spite of the Dire Predictions...

... the old guy's kidneys are back to almost normal function. I had felt that this would be the case, but he and the doctor were concerned, and it made him worry needlessly. However, I guess he wouldn't be happy without something to worry about! :) Meanwhile, after a few rocky weeks, he seems to have recovered his equilibrium, and I have noticed a big change in him. He has started taking an interest in household chores and maintenance that he has been too lethargic to bother with for the last several years. My pantry and kitchen have been reorganized, the carpets have been cleaned, and outdoor maintenance is being done as well. We have been browsing in travel trailers and patio homes, and now he actually seems interested in getting one of each. Of course, I realize that any other adverse event will affect all this, but for now we are enjoying ourselves.

Meanwhile, a few other random thoughts, as Alissa would say. There was supposed to be a painting of Flathead Lake on this post, but after 3 tries at uploading the image and being kicked offline, I decided to wait with it for another time. Such is life, I guess. I wanted some feedback on this one, too, so I will definitely try again when blogger isn't being so temperamental.

School is back in session again, and the neighbors have all parked out in front of our house to wait for the bus. Seems their middle schoolers can't walk a half-mile down the road to get home. We will be "blessed" with several cars parked out front and people out of them chatting for 30 or more minutes each school day until June, I guess. For some reason, this bothers me, and it doesn't bother the old guy. It used to be the other way around, but we seemed to have changed on that front. I just don't like people parking on the grass which is right-of-way, but that we maintain and then settling in and blocking traffic. Guess I'm the old curmudgeon now.

We are having a heat wave and drought right about now, and we have had an average daily high of 98.1 degrees since Aug. 1. And no rain, either. Today it's 105 out there. They keep predicting a break in the weather, but it hasn't happened so far.

Belated happy birthdays to Alissa and Chip. Chip turned 30 on Aug. 9, and Alissa became 33 yesterday. We haven't had a chance to celebrate with either of them yet, so we will be having a joint celebration on Aug. 25, when we can all get together. Chip is now sharing his birthday with his new baby cousin (Welcome to Grant and Congratulations to Matt and Whitney!), so celebrations will probably be combined more often in the future. It seems that as the kids grow older and other family members join us, it is getting harder and harder to find a time when everyone can get together and celebrate. Again, that's life, I guess.

Our grandson started first grade this year and was very proud to do so, but he is having some beginning-of-school adjustment problems. I feel sure things will settle down soon, but I do remember dealing with those kinds of problems, both from a parent's perspective and from the teacher's. All there is to say about that is that I'm glad my kids are grown and that I'm retired. Someone else can fight the good fight now!

Guess that's enough randomness. As always, life is good...


Anonymous said...

adjustment sounds so nice when you say it like that :-)

Glad Daddy is feeling better for now. I hope he manages to stay that way for awhile. Hey, if you buy a camper can I borrow it sometime? ;-)

Susie said...

Good news on the kidney issues! OK, now you can get your trailer and come to CA!
BTW, what is a patio house?
I wouldn't be happy with parents parking in front of my house either!