Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Welcome, Neshira and Aiva

Neshira (Shira to me) and Aiva joined our family officially on Saturday, September 22. They have unofficially been part of us for the last year or so, but now it's official! I don't have very good pictures of the lovely wedding in the meadow of Pigeon Forge, TN, because I was busy just enjoying the event. Both Alissa and my sister Peggy took some lovely ones, though. Mine all seem to have been taken from the side and just of people milling around.

At any rate, it was a simple and beautiful wedding, and now Chip and Shira are enjoying a well-deserved honeymoon in the Smokies. They have a secluded cabin in the mountains, but they have easy access to all the tourist attractions that they can afford in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, TN as well as Cherokee, NC. I'm sure they won't lack for activities in that very busy and scenic area.

We are so pleased to add Shira and Aiva to our family. Shira is a lovely young woman who shares Chip's slightly offbeat interests and way of looking at life. They are both kind of like modern day hippies, and they enjoy simple pleasures. Both of them like poetry and music and have a deeper philosophical side that most of the rest of us Rausch's do not. They are both somewhat shy and self-effacing and are so well-matched. Shira makes our guy happy, and that is a major accomplishment! Chip spent many years waiting for just the right girl to come along, and now she has. He's ready to settle down and take care of his new family. Aiva, who will be three very soon, is just icing on the cake. She is a delightful and loving child, who, in spite of the picture above, usually has a big smile on her face. We love having a new granddaughter! We are so happy to have both of the ladies in our family and look forward to many happy years for the newlyweds and their daughter. Life is good!!


Susie said...

Guess I should have waited to read this post:)
It did answer a couple questions!
I'm so glad it was a wonderful wedding.
Wishing the newlyweds every happiness. Your new granddaughter is adorable :)

Alissa said...


I am DEEPLY philosophical.


shira said...

awwwwwwwwh. thank you so much for this. the wedding was just what i wanted and thank you so much for sharing it with us and being there. i love both of my new momma and poppa very much. and thank you both so much for everything.

the honey moon was amazing. it was 7 days of relaxation. no stressing about work or cleaning or any of the fun mommy/wife(i still feel funny saying it, hehe)things we must do each day.

We have to get together soon and tell stories...chip and i had such a wonderfull time and talked so much. was just beautifull and tearfull and i think i feel in love with him just a few more times this week. lol.

thank you for this. it was so nice and lovely and making me weepy and i think he'll strangle me if i get choked up one more time! lol. thank you again and we love you very much