Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Beach Gene

We have just returned from one of my favorite places on earth, the beach. Now I love any beach, but this particular one was Panama City Beach, Florida. The beach in that area is particularly beautiful, with brilliant white sand and sparkling aqua water. I love being at the beach because the water is endlessly fascinating to me. Sitting where I can see the waves roll in is just about the only place where I can leave my book unread in my lap while I watch the undulating water and listen to the waves lapping at the shore. It is very relaxing and riveting at the same time. And the beach changes constantly.

One day the waves will lap quietly at the shore, and the next the surf will be roaring. Of course, it doesn't roar in the Gulf of Mexico like it does in the Pacific Ocean, or even the Atlantic Ocean, but it does have its active times, as you can see. Some days the water sparkles with sunlight, and other days the skies are dramatic with storm clouds. And sunsets over the water are not to be beat. How can this not capture your imagination?
I don't know what causes this fascination, but it must be inherited because both my parents have had it, and my sister shares it as well. I know I have passed it on to at least one of our children, despite having a husband who doesn't share it and is mainly bewildered by it. As far as he is concerned, he could live forever without going to the beach. If he would want to move to Florida, he would be content to have a home in the center of the state or a house far from the beach. He thinks my dad is crazy for staying at a motel on the beach instead of buying a home a few streets away and that I am being intractable when I say it's not worth going if I can't be where I can look out and see the beach. I cannot explain it. You just have to have the beach gene, I suppose. I guess it is good for him that we live in Kentucky, where the nearest beach is 500 miles away! It's a moot point here.

So I must be content to get my beach fixes when I go on vacation. I'm grateful that I had one this year! It was almost as perfect as vacations can get, and I am so fortunate. Life is good!

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Alissa said...

We got your postcard yesterday. Thanks :-)

I do love the beach, but I think I'd tire of it after awhile. A vacation there is good but living there would get old.