Thursday, December 27, 2007

And a Good Time Was Had by All...

...especially me. Christmas is over, after a marathon weekend of activities. Alissa and the boys arrived Saturday, and the festivities began. We looked at Christmas lights and had a nice dinner out that night. Sunday, all the other kids joined us for the immediate family Christmas gift exchange. All three of the little ones were really wound up, and it was hard keeping them occupied, but we baked cookies and read stories until it was time to open the mountain of gifts that were under the tree. It was a camera and watch Christmas for me. I got an EasyShare camera and printer, a video camera, and a camera that was built into binoculars. Unfortunately that one didn't work. We also received wonderful gifts from all the kids--a hand arranged picture of all three families, a digital photo frame, and a new set of silverware to have in our new house. All the gifts were very special. After that, we had a nice supper of slumgullion and visited until evening.
Monday- Christmas Eve- Chip, Shira, Doug, and Kellie had to work during the day, so Alissa and I took the boys to see "Alvin and the Chipmunks," which they seemed to enjoy. I know I did, but I sure had culture shock when I saw what it costs to go to the movies these days. I seldom have the chance to actually go to the theater to see a movie, and when I do, I usually only pay for my own ticket and refreshments. We went to a matinee, and 4 tickets cost $25! Seems kids don't get a discount on matinees. Then I bought 2 small popcorns, a soft drink, a bottle of water, and a small bag of candy, and it cost$20. I can afford it all right, but I don't see how families go to see movies very often at those prices. Guess I am out of touch with current costs, huh?
After a supper of frozen pizza (cooked, of course), I went to church, and everyone else headed tp Grandpa H.'s house for the extended family celebration. Gifts were exchanged, and snacks were shared. Then Alissa and the boys headed for home (a 2 1/2 hour drive) so they could be at home on Christmas morning. Imagine their excitement when they spotted Santa's sleigh (a UPS plane) in the sky on their way home. Terry and I scouted out some Christmas lights on our way home.
Around noon on Christmas day, Chip, Shira, Aiva, Doug, and Kellie arrived to see what Santa had brought them at our house. I sure am glad they are old enough to sleep in and then had to drive here. We got to sleep in, too. Later in the evening we went to Grandpa's again for Christmas supper. He fixed ham and lasagna, and we had several homemade desserts as well as the requisite chips and dip. I think we got home that night at around 11, again having scouted out Christmas lights to admire.
Yesterday, it was back to Curves for me. I needed to get back to the exercise routine that I had been neglecting since last Friday. Then we actually braved the crowds and went to K-Mart to stock up on storage boxes and a few other things, like paper and printer ink for my new printer. When we got home, I was wiped out. I sat and tried to read, but it seemed I was reading the inside of my eyelids more than the magazine in front of me. It seemed that someone had pulled the plug, and all the energy I'd had for days drained out. I guess my body was telling me to rest, so I did. Today I slept in, and now I feel much better. We didn't go anywhere today, and I watched an old movie and just rested.
I love Christmas and all its excitement. The little kids make it wondrous again, and I love choosing and giving gifts that I hope people will love and appreciate--and they seem to. It's nice to receive gifts, but it's even better to give them. The house looks so festive and beautiful, and people are full of good wishes. Now the gifts are unwrapped and taken home, and the decorations will soon go back into storage, too. Life will return to normal, and that is fine. After all, old people can only stand so much excitement, right? Life is good...


Alissa said...

I took our tree and indoor decorations down today. I'll leave the outside lights up until New Year's Day, though.

For the record, it doesn't cost that much to go to the movies here. I took the boys to see Enchanted, and for 3 tickets, 3 popcorns, and 3 drinks it was $27. Still pricey, but not big-city pricey.

We had a great time. It's so much nicer now that the boys are older and not babies any more. I'm glad you liked your gifts--like you I work hard to pick the perfect gifts for everyone and I love to give more than to receive.

Anonymous said...

life IS good...:*) love ya momma.