Monday, December 17, 2007

Let the Holidays Begin!

Last night we had 2/3 of our kids and families out to help us put up our Christmas tree. For a simple supper of chicken and dumplings and Little Debbie snack cakes, we had plenty of help decorating the tree. Chip and Kellie were in charge of putting on the lights, and Doug, Shira, Kellie, Aiva, and I put on the ornaments. When we were done, Terry, Kellie, and Shira put on the tacky icicles that lots of people don't use anymore. We do, because I don't consider my tree complete without them. Fortunately, I had already done all my wrapping, so there were lots of presents to put underneath the tree. Isn't it festive?
Earlier in the weekend, we finished up the rest of the decorating. We have a "department store window" display in the family room with the tree that has all the kids' ornaments on it. It comes complete with a plate of goodies for Santa. Terry has gotten quite creative with his decorating this year, and our house looks nicer than it has in years.
We are looking forward to a cheerful and exciting holiday this year. It's about time--we were due for one! Life is good...


Alissa said...

I can't see the top photo...just the bottom one. I'm at work, and when I clicked in the space where the top photo should be, the firewall blocked it. Reason? "Forbidden Category: Pornography"

Whatever did you guys decorate the tree with?

Susie said...

I'm giggling at Alissa's comment. I can see both photos and they're both lovely. How fun that you had a family time doing all the decorating!!
Love your window display and your festive Christmas spirit!