Sunday, January 20, 2008

Just Checking In..

..since I have nothing important to write about. However, I am just letting the world know I'm still alive. January is like that, at least around here. After all the whirlwind of activities from October through December, things slow down to a crawl. I am glad for this month of January, cold weather notwithstanding. While I absolutely abhor cold temperatures and my mantra is, "I hate winter!," I must admit that I do enjoy hibernating when I can. I like days when I can curl up under my faux mink throw and watch episodes of very old television shows and movies, or lose myself in a good book. It's peaceful and relaxing.

Now, though, we have gotten a call from our realtor telling us they are ready to start working on the interior of our new patio home. We will be choosing the interior appointments and probably going by the home site most every day to check on progress. It's time to pick out some new furniture and start cleaning out stuff around this old house in earnest. We have done some desultory clearing of drawers and cabinets, but now I think we will be picking up the pace. I imagine things will be very busy for the rest of the year from about February 1 on.

However, it is still January, and I'm still being lazy. I'll be busy soon enough! :) Isn't life good?


Susie said...

Sounds like you've got some really busy times ahead. How fun to be picking out all new things for a home together. When do you think you'll actually be moving?
I'm wishing for some quiet days to catch up on a few things. Guess they'll happen when the time is right..

Anonymous said...

Today life is alright. Perhaps it'll be good when the furnace is repaired!

What colors are you thinking for paint?