Thursday, April 17, 2008


Here you see my latest effort at painting. It is a picture of a lake in Idaho. I have never been to Idaho, although I would certainly like to go sometime. You might be wondering why I chose to paint a picture of a lake and mountains in Idaho on a misty day when I normally paint sunny tropical scenes and/or sunsets. I am drawn to the tropics, but sometimes I like to branch out--not enough to try entirely new subject matter, mind you. I still mainly do landscapes because that seems to be what I do best. This one is a little different from my usual choices in that it is all in tones of blue, and that is the main reason I chose it. It has the colors of blue that go in my new bedroom and bathroom, so I thought it would be a good addition to the decor.
You might also be wondering where I got a picture of a lake in Idaho to paint. A few years ago, Doug brought me some travel catalogues that he had gathered when preparing for a Caribbean cruise. I loved the pictures and collected several of them that I saved to paint, and I actually painted several of them. That led me to send to other states for their travel guides, and soon I was inundated with colorful publications. Terry immediately suspected I was planning a vacation, but I gave up on that long ago. I paged through them all and marked pictures that I thought I may paint someday. Then I stored them in the closet. Last week when I was cleaning out the closet in anticipation of moving, I found all the books. I sat down and found all the marked pages and tore them out to keep in a folder to save space. This was on one of the pages, and it caught my eye for the aforementioned reason.
I must admit that I looked at all these guides quite wistfully, imagining that I would someday get to visit those states. Not likely, I imagine, for most of them, but at least I can enjoy painting the picturesque scenes from faraway places. Life is good...


Susie said...

It's beautiful! If you ever get as far as Idaho, you have to come to CA!

Alissa said...

I suspect you'll get your traveling in, one way or another. Dad's been feeling pretty good lately--perhaps he'll come around.

Love that painting--it will look nice with the blue of your walls.

Not long now!

Let's see some more photos of the house.

Anonymous said...

Great job, Nancy! Helen