Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Short Hiatus

We closed on our new patio home last Friday, and for the next few weeks I doubt seriously whether I will have time to stop and prepare a nice blog post. I am skipping my painting sessions, so there is no artwork to display.

We are moving some things each day, and we are trying to put things away as we take them to the house. We also spend time there waiting for various tradesmen and deliveries. Therefore, we are not at this old home much during the day, and by the time I get home at night, it's all I can do to read the paper and get the next day's things boxed up. I do try to read e-mail every few days and check on the blogs and comment, but I am not much inclined to find pictures to post and write something myself. So if you don't see a fresh post from this site for a few weeks, at least I have explained to you why not. When we get all moved in and settled, I will post a pictorial tour. Meanwhile, life is good...


Susie said...

I'll miss you! Let's do stay in touch by email!!

Anonymous said...

Have fun, Mama!