Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Home at Last!

Sunday night we spent our first night in the new house we had owned for a month. By the time we actually stayed here, most everything we needed was here and put away, which is a good thing. I admit that I was losing my usually exceptional patience with the constant driving back and forth and ending up at the old house each night, but overall I am very glad that I didn't push the old guy into moving in before he was ready. Now he can never say that I rushed him into doing something he was not ready to do. I think that he got ready a lot faster after the cable was turned off on Thursday. After 3 evenings of watching old movies on video, he was ready for his cable television again, I'm sure. Tomorrow they will come and install our new custom window shades, and that will make us both more comfortable here. The drapes we have at the front windows are filmy, and they don't afford much privacy.

Of course, this is not to say that we are done with the old house-not by a long shot. There are still boxes sitting in the middle of the floor waiting to be transported here for storage. There are places where years of accumulated dust needs to be cleaned up. There are leftover odds and ends that must be disposed of, either in the garbage or the Goodwill bags. So we still go back and forth--we just end up here! :) I must say after a particularly grueling day today on which the old guy rode his tractor around the field cutting grass, and I packed boxes, cleaned out closets, filled garbage cans, and packed up the truck, only to have to take it all out and unpack it when I got here, I am whipped. I know it wasn't easy bouncing around on the tractor for 3 hours in the heat, but I still believe I had the worst of the work, especially since I unloaded the truck and unpacked the boxes by myself after we got here while the old guy hung a picture and fiddled with a cabinet bracket. I can honestly say that I have had enough of this and just want it all to be DONE! I am hopeful that by this weekend, it will be. Then we can get back to a normal routine with home-cooked and nutritious meals and time to pursue leisure time activities. Life is good now, but it will be better then!

When all the rooms are unpacked and arranged, I will post a photo tour. Just waiting for the last piece of furniture in the last room...


Susie said...

Sounds like you've had an exhausting day (make that month!)
So glad you're home and can finally settle in. Whatever is left do to you can take at a slower pace. Can't wait to see pictures!

alissasanderson said...

What furniture are you waiting for?