Friday, July 11, 2008

This and That

Isn't this a lovely plant? It is a night-blooming jasmine, aka stephanotis, that Kellie and Doug gave me for Mother's Day. It is a prolific grower and bloomer. It had grown to the ceiling on our sunporch and was taking off across the ceiling when Terry decided it was ungainly and gave it a haircut. I would have liked to let it grow and see how tall it would get, but he likes everything tidy, so the scissors came out when I wasn't looking. I was afraid it would hurt the plant, but it has not. It is just loaded with these waxy, fragrant blooms. I love to sit out on the porch in the morning and just admire it and smell the sweet smell.
When Kellie brought the plant to me, I told her this was the flower that was in my mother's wedding bouquet, but after further thought, I remembered that they were the kind of flowers in MY wedding bouquet. Mom's were mock orange. I guess that shows I'm getting old when I don't even remember what kind of flowers were in my own wedding bouquet 38 years ago.. It was made mostly of these stephanotis flowers in a cross shape with detachable orchid corsage in the middle. That was the style then. I detached the corsage and wore it on my "going-away" outfit, which was a beige linen dress with a matching coat. I haven't come across it in the move, but I did save the bouquet in a box somewhere. It is probably lost. I do still have my wedding dress and the cake topper, though. I don't know why I saved the dress. I certainly can't fit in it anymore, and Alissa wasn't able to wear it in her wedding, either, even if she had wanted to. I don't have any other daughters to save it for, and it has stains that didn't come out when I had it cleaned several years ago. But I won't get rid of it, or the cake topper, which is taking up valuable storage space in a box in the garage. Some things you just keep, whether you use them or not, especially if you are sentimental, as I am wont to be sometimes.
Well, this rambled all over place, didn't it? Oh, well, life is good...


Annette said...

Really a beautiful plant. I too got a flowers plant from 1800Flowers and gifted to my mom on her birthday anniversary.

Anonymous said...

I told Rachel the other day that my bouquet was made of white daisies and yellow daisy mums.

Then I thought about it for a minute, and realized I was wrong. Yellow ROSES.


Does that mean I am old, too?

Susie said...

I love the smell of jasmine but my SIL is terribly allergic to it. Since I love him too, I keep it trimmed back quite a bit. I also had a detachable orchid in my wedding bouquet, but I had a cascade of white carnations.
I think we decided quite some time ago that our going away dresses were very similar styles, but different colors..Guess we were quite "in" in those days :)
Today, I don't follow styles at all, just what is comfortable to me..

Judy said...

Hi Nancy, That jasmine plant is absolutely beautiful. I can just imagine how good it must smell. We all save or hold onto things from the past.