Monday, August 18, 2008

The Birthday Finale (and Other Stuff)

Here you see the last two birthday children of the family with their children and their grandfather. It looks as if they were having a good time, and I believe they did. Everyone else seemed to enjoy the party, too. The whole family- except for Andy, who never seems to be able to make the family parties because of his hectic work schedule-attended. As much as I love birthday season, I must admit I'm glad we are at the end of it. Between the chips and homemade dip and the birthday cakes and ice cream, the season is very fattening. The meals themselves are usually pretty healthy, but the pre-dinner snacks and the desserts are not. Now we won't have such an elaborate celebration until Christmas time, and we'll be ready again for it. It also seems as if we have always been on the go, especially with all the stuff we've been doing around the new house and the old one. I am ready for things to slow down all the way around.
In other news, we had a small patio installed outside our sunporch. It's just big enough for a few chairs and a table, but it's great! Much as I love the sunporch, in the summer the windows remain closed to keep the hot air out and the cool air in. It will be great in the other three seasons, but for summer I love the outdoors. The little patio gets the morning sun, but by 2:00 in the afternoon, it is shaded, and there is always a pretty strong breeze. After last week's busy schedule and the party weekend, I spent almost 4 hours sitting out there yesterday afternoon reading a book (with a little bit of eyelid-checking). It was wonderful! It was peaceful and quiet, and the temperature was perfect. It was a much needed respite, and I started this week refreshed instead of stressed. I was out there again this evening for about an hour. It was definitely a worthwhile investment. Hopefully, after we get a little more landscaping done, I will remember to post a picture.
Tomorrow I am off to the fair with Chip and Shira to check out Alissa's and my pictures on display. I don't imagine I won anything, but it will be fun to find the pictures amid all the other entries and compare them in my own mind. I love going to the state fair, exhausting as it can be. Life is good!


Susie said...

I know what you mean about the relief when the birthdays are over. We have our big hit in Dec & Jan along with Christmas!
Your patio sounds like a nice place to relax.
Hope you enjoy the fair!

alissasanderson said...

I hope you win a ribbon! Enjoy the fair...

Judy said...

Hi Nancy, I love sweets. They are my weakness and cake is my favorite. I have to watch it all the time. I had been wondering about your paintings since I knew the fair had started. I hope you win something. You should! Your patio sounds great.

Kate said...

Hi Nancy I really love the sound of your patio - we are off to our eldest grandsons 18th birthday bash on Saturday and that special day will be the last for a wee while - it's a bit of a trail though 100 miles up north. I hope you win something at the fair good luck!