Friday, September 05, 2008

Another Addition

It's been awhile since I have had a chance to post or anything to write about, in spite of the continuing busyness of our life. However, as you can see, we finally have finished our little patio that we added outside the sunroom. It is tiny, as you can see, but since I am usually the only one who uses it, it's plenty big. Terry sits out there occasionally, but I will sit out there for hours on a nice day. It's a perfect place to settle with a good book. Lately, the days have been pretty hot and humid, but the evenings have been nice, so it's getting plenty of use. Next to the patio, Terry mulched the area, and we put our potted lilac that we brought from the farm. It blocks the view of the air conditioner. If you look at the front of the house, you can see our potted crape myrtle. It was sold as a patio plant, and it has a lovely ivy sharing and hiding its pot. We have just about finished our landscaping, but I still want to add a few trees. I think a nice Japanese maple in the side yard that I can see from the patio would be nice, and in the front yard, I'd like a flowering tree. I love a weeping cherry, but I would also take a redbud or a dogwood. We'll see. We are just getting to the time of year to plant trees, so I'm hoping we get them in within the month.
It seems as if we always have a breeze at this house. During the day, it is often blowing across the front of the house, but as evening comes, it seems to change direction and come around the back. That makes a great breeze in my face when I am on the patio. We may not like the wind come winter, but right now it's quite welcome.
Each day we are in the new house, I am finding more to like about it. It is so easy to keep clean, it's beautiful, and there's plenty of room for the two of us. I know Terry misses his farm, but I don't miss it like I thought I might. I love it here and am very grateful to have this brand-new and already up-to-date house. Life is good!


Judy said...

Sounds like you all are settling into your new home just fine. You are right it is beautiful and I love your porch. How nice for you to have to sit and read. I love fall but hate to see winter coming. I hope you have many hours of reading time on your new porch. Thanks for showing it to us.

Anonymous said...

The mulch looks really nice, as does the lilac. I'll see it in person in a few weeks!

But, really? You don't miss the farm? I sure would.

Kate said...

Hi Nancy, the patio looks great, Oh to be able to sit out in comfort and just have peace to read - wonderful! I wish we could do that but We can't due to the fact that all the wasps are dying and they are dangerous.. I get out of the car and into the house as quickly as possible - am terrified of them - fancy a grown woman being that afraid huh ? This area of Glasgow is, as we would say here hoaching with them.. no kidding it's really dreadful, mind you at least this year we haven't had a nest in the attic - which is a blessing.. sorry to hear that you didn't get a ribbon or aught in the Show... Personally I thought your abstract was great, at least it was different, I love painting clouds and I feel that at least when folk look at a picture like that they can have a think about what they see in it - it's just not a painting of 'something' It means that they have to use some brains to see what it is, know what I mean ? anyway, you can always try again next year maybe the daft judges will have caught up with the idea that abstracts are good! Cheers for now Kate x.