Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Difference Between Grandparents..

Our grandson Drew, who is seven, came to visit for a few days during his fall break last week. He was ready for his "me time" with Grandma and Grandpa, since his brother had had his turn last summer. In the pictures above, you see the difference between Grandma's idea of a good way to entertain a grandson and Grandpa's idea of the same. Bet you have no trouble guessing which is which picture!

Drew came armed with big plans to go to a play, eat in a restaurant, make Halloween decorations, drive the golf cart, and go to16 museums. We did fit in all those activities except the 16 museums. Grandpa doesn't do plays and museums, and he feels left out when I take Drew away for the day for stuff like that. So we kind of compromised. I took Drew to a play, but museums will wait for another visit. We spent more time around the house where I entertained Drew by playing games and making decorations, and Grandpa entertained him by putting him to work helping with some outside work and taking him to Lowe's, Grandpa's favorite place besides the farm. While I think Drew generally enjoyed himself, I think he was kind of bored by the time he went home on Sunday. There are no kids around here that we know to play with him, and there isn't a lot of outside space to explore like there is at the farm. And Grandpa watches news instead of cartoons in the afternoon.

I would have liked to have made his time more exciting, but I hope he had a good time anyway. I certainly did enjoy his visit and the chance to interact with him all by himself for a change. The kids grow up so fast, and time gets away from us all. Before we know it, he will be too big to enjoy a visit with us old people. So I will enjoy the time when I can get it.. Life is good!


Susie said...

Grandpa's have very different ways of entertaining than Grammy's, but I think grandkids love the change in their routine from what they do at home. I'm sure Drew loved being the center of attention.

alissasanderson said...

He says he had an "awesome" time :-)

Judy said...

I think they like having the two of you all to themselves and getting all the attention. I had no problem determining between the two options. lol.

Natalie said...

I took my class to see that play. They loved it! :) I hope Drew enjoyed it too.