Saturday, February 28, 2009


...for now. As of this time, we'll be leaving for Navarre Beach, FL, at about 6:00 A.M. We are planning to stay a whole month. Of course, Terry saw a weather report on television that said there might be up to 5 inches of snow in Birmingham tomorrow morning, and he is not eager to drive in snow, so he has said we may delay our departure until afternoon to give the snow a chance to melt. Personally, I feel he is being just a little overcautious (read panicky), but since I'm not the one driving, I will be going along for the ride whenever we leave. The worst of the weather is supposed to be between the TN-AL border and just south of Birmingham, so we'll see. He wants to check again later and see how things are going. Just our luck--a southern snowstorm on the first day of March! And when we get to Florida, the temperature isn't supposed to get out of the 50's for several days. I guess that's better than the 30's we are supposed to have here, but I am hoping the weather warms up sooner rather than later. If it doesn't, though, I have about a dozen paperback books and all my painting supplies to take along, so I won't mind!
Speaking of painting, these are last Monday's projects, both of which I finished in about a little more than an hour. The top is a watercolor interpretation of one of Alissa's photos. The bottom is an abstract sunset, just done for the fun of it.
I am taking my computer with me to Florida, but if there is no Internet connection, I will be off-line until April. We'll see. If that's the case, see you then. Meanwhile, life is good....


Judy said...

Hi Nancy, Both pictures are beautiful. Your paintings get better all the time. Have a wonderful trip. I hope you don't hit much snow on the way. Just enjoy your vacation and don't worry about us. We will still be here when you get home. Talk to ya in April if not before.

Anonymous said...

That's neat how you made that painting look like a beach view with grasses on the dunes. You'd never know I took it in Kentucky in the middle of summer!

Glad you made it safely. I hope your internet works down there...I'd like you to send me some photos from the beach!

Susie said...

Hi Nancy,
I haven't been on line much so didn't get to wish you a proper "goodbye" Hope the weather at the beach is fabulous and you have a relaxing time away!