Friday, October 20, 2006


Let me explain the title, "Life Is Good." This is one of my two mantras, the other being "I hate winter!" This seems like the more pleasant of the two for a blog title. At any rate, some days it is an affirmation. Others it is a reminder. Today it's an affirmation. My husband completed his pre-surgical testing for a hip replacement. Twelve more days, and he will have a new hip! Hooray--both for him and for me. He is really suffering, and I feel bad for him. I must admit I will be glad when he is more mobile and can do a little (or a lot!) more around the house, too. I'm sure our sons will appreciate it, too.

Well, that's all for today. This blog is still under construction. It will probably take me awhile to figure out how to do all the things the rest of the girls can do, but eventually, I hope I get it!

After several months of reading the interesting posts of my female relatives, I have decided to take the plunge into 21st century communication with a blog of my own. I have procrastinated on this because I don't have all that much to say. My life is pretty quiet, and my kids are grown, so I don't have cute escapades to write about. I'm not too creative a writer, so you won't see essays or poetry. I don't take a lot of photographs, so you will only see the occasional picture, if it pertains to the subject matter of my post. Sounds really interesting, doesn't it? You probably won't see a daily entry, either, because, to repeat myself, my life is QUIET!


Anonymous said...

Yay Mom!

Now, edit your profile. Your daughter just found a typo. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ahh, fixed already. You're quick!

Natalie said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. Don't worry, my life is quiet as well. That is why you only see very random entries and mostly pictures! :)