Saturday, October 21, 2006

See, I told you..

Okay. I said I wasn't going to write daily on this thing, and I probably still won't, but I am intrigued about how to do this, so here I am again. However, you will find out, I don't have much to say. I haven't figured out how to add pictures or list my favorite blogs like everyone else, so the site is still pretty bland. Maybe one day I will have the time and patience to deal with it, or I will have one of my more tech-savvy kids help me when they have time.

Another subject.. I just talked to my dad in Panama City Beach, and the weather there is lovely and warm. It's lovely here, just not warm. My sister and her entire family are there enjoying the beach and the pool and going out to eat at favorite restaurants every night for a week. Life is definitely good for them right now! Of course, I am envious. There is nowhere I would rather be than the beach or the pool, but this year it isn't to be. I can be envious, and that's okay. However, I am willing to give up this year's vacation to the beach to restore my husband's mobility and quality of life. We can go to the beach next year when he feels better. Of course, the beach isn't his thing, but he'll go anyway, because he knows I love it. Meanwhile, Thanksgiving, when we are usually in PCB, will be spent at home. That's probably a good thing because none of our kids can make it to the beach this year anyway. I may fix a big dinner, depending on how the old guy feels, and have everyone here like we used to before we starting spending the holiday in Florida. That would be good, too. See? Life is good...


Anonymous said...

I'm envious of those at the beach, too, but over the past several years I've gotten used to it. Andy is supposed to be working the holiday this year, so I don't know what our plans will be. And don't forget--I have Callie for 10 days. If we come she'll have to come, too...

I sent Grandpa a card yesterday. I wasn't sure when he went down there, but I figured he was there by now.

Adding a picture is easy--at the top of the box where you're typing the post, there's a little icon a of a picture. Click it, and you can upload pictures right from your computer. If you want to use any of mine from Flickr for any reason, it's even simpler--just tell me you want to and I'll tell you how.

Have fun blogging!

shira said...

welcome to the wonderfull world of blogging. ::grins::

I had an online diary for years that was fun too, but i get much more feed back from this which is always fun.

I found all of my fathers stories in my closet while cleaning it out today. And an autobiography from 1991 which is just awesome because the first few pages sound so so much like the autobiography i wrote a few years ago when I was looking for colleges. It's so wonderfull to feel that connection with him even though he isn't here physically.

So hopefully my blogs will become a little more interesting. I like yours so far and even though your life is quiet I think I speak for Alissa and I both when I say it'll be refreshing to read something a little more relaxing.

I look forward to reading more!

Sue said...

Hi Nancy,
Just came over here from Alissa's to say welcome to the world of blogging.
Feel free to stop over and say hi when you have time! I'd love to have you! Oh, and good luck to your husband on his surgery!!