Friday, October 27, 2006

A Unique Experience

Today I got the easiest flu shot ever. I am not big on shots, but both Terry and I get a flu shot every year. Usually we have to stand in a long line and wait forever. However, right now it is too difficult for Terry to walk and then stand for any length of time. So we had a dilemma. How was he going to get his flu shot? I could get mine at my rheumatologist's office when I go for my appointment in a few weeks. But, at that time, Terry will be recovering from his hip replacement, so that is out for him. Shots are being given in several places this year, so there is not the shortage of recent years, but none are easily accessible to him. This was a real worry for him.(He is a natural-born worrier!)

Then, last night when I was on the phone with Alissa, he started gesticulating wildly at the television. Seems they were going to be giving drive-thru flu shots at the Papa John's Cardinal Stadium today and then again Tuesday. He decided he wanted to go today, but since he was sure there would be crowds, we got up early and headed out in a pouring rainstorm to the football stadium. He warned me to go to the bathroom before we left and not to drink much because we may have to wait up to an hour in the line. When we arrived, we found that we were behind just two other cars. We filled out a paper and had our shots in less than five minutes without ever even getting out of the truck. We barely even had to stop. Nurses with ready needles approached us from both sides. What a breeze! It cost $5 apiece more than going to the health department, but it was worth it for the convenience. I imagine we'll do this every year. Life is good!


Alissa said...

Well, there you go. Another problem solved. Although, I gotta tell ya, I won't be getting any flu shot--drive thru or otherwise! No matter how simple you make it sound, it's not happening here. :-)

Sue said...

Drive through flu shots sound like a pretty good solution. We usually end up standing in a really long line.
(They gave my 98 yr old Grandpa his right in the Dr's office this time)
Hope your hubby does well with his surgery..