Thursday, October 26, 2006

After I said..

...I lead a quiet life, things got busy around here. There were lots of little errands early in the week, and yesterday my son Chip and I spent the day in Hopkinsville visiting Drew and Nick (and their parents, of course!). Ever since missing Grandparents' Day at Drew's school, I had wanted to make it up to him. I finally got the opportunity to do so, and Chip and I were able to join him for lunch. We surprised him, and I think he was happy to see us. After lunch, the teacher invited me to read a story to the class. She didn't have to twist my arm. I LOVE reading to kids, and I don't get much chance now that I am retired. Up until now, Drew has not been content to sit and listen to stories. Nick will listen, but he is usually distracted by Drew, at least when he is visiting us. At any rate, the kindergarteners seemed to enjoy the story, and it made my day.

When we left school, we picked Alissa up and headed out to get Nick from the babysitter's house. Unfortunately, she had to wake him up from a nap, and he wasn't ready to wake up. Our surprise backfired with him. He was totally silent for quite a while and not at all impressed that we had come to visit and spend time with just him. But then it was like somebody flipped a switch. He came to life and was very animated and funny. We stayed until after Drew came home, and we had more time to visit with him, too. Then we headed home. By the time I got here, I was quite tired. After a week of going to bed late and and getting up early and filling the days in between with activity, I was ready for a rest, so today I took the day off--slept in and read a book. Sorry, Alissa--I know you can't do that, but I have earned it! Years and years of getting kids up for school and going to work, too, have finally led to my quiet life. Life is good!

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Alissa said...

We're glad you had a good time. Nick is asking when you're coming back :-)