Wednesday, November 15, 2006

So far, so good..

Well, we've been home 2 days, and things are progressing nicely. We have had home visits from nurses, a physical therapist, and an occupational therapist. Aside from a little drainage from the incision and a lingering swelling and stiffness in the leg, things seem to be going well. We haven't heard any bad news from the doctor as far as the hemoglobin test results, so we are hoping the anemia is under control. The staples will stay in a little longer to give the incision plenty of time to knit together. The physical therapist will begin her program on Friday, and Terry will not need occupational therapy.

We have been settling into our normal home routine, except that we don't go anywhere at the moment. It feels pretty good to have the time at home to catch up with housework and laundry that have gone neglected. I am glad to cook meals that are appetizing to the patient, who still doesn't have a big appetite and sees this as the perfect opportunity to establish new eating habits. As a benefit, I, too am eating less. However, it seems that doesn't matter. Last week, when I went to the doctor, it showed that I had gained 7 pounds in the last few months. Just a few weeks away from Curves seems to have made a difference. When I was able to work out regularly, I didn't lose weight, but I wasn't gaining at that fast a rate, either. Guess I will have to give up candy corn for another year! Easy to do now that Halloween is over. I'm good now until Peeps season comes before Easter! Meanwhile, I'm hoping to get back to Curves soon. I do my exercises at home in the meantime, but they aren't as effective and not as much fun, either, if you can call exercise fun. Maybe next week. One day at a time, I guess, but life is still good--and getting better!


Anonymous said...

You'll get back to Curves next week. Besides the lack of exercise, you've been eating fast food and hospital cafeteria food, too.

And don't forget Thanksgiving next week. I'd wait until after that to cut back on my eating! :-)

Sue said...

I found that I put on a few pounds through these two surgeries of Bill's. We're still walking but maybe we need to step it up. How do you like Curves, I've never gone...