Monday, November 13, 2006

We're Home...

...Three days too late as far as Terry is concerned, and 4 days too soon as far as the nursing home people are concerned. However, the trip home and into the house went very smoothly, proving that the physical therapist who told him yesterday that he would be fine at home knew what she was talking about. Chip was here to help him if he needed it, but he did fine on his own. Chip was helpful with rearranging furniture and getting needed supplies, too. We're glad he was available to help out.

I arrived at the "rehab facility" this morning before 9, only to find Terry fuming at the nurse, and the PT leaving the room in a huff. Seems his blood pressure was a little high, and the nurse's aide that took it panicked. The nurse said all was okay, but he was afraid that they were trying to keep him there another day. The PT wanted him to go and do some work, and he was ready to go home. I'm sure he left everyone there cheering as he hobbled out the door! :) Seriously, though, the nursing home staff was very nice and during his entire stay bent over backward to accommodate us and give us privacy most of the time. They were mostly conscientious about his care, probably too much so to suit him. Although this wasn't the best choice of a facility for a "younger man" trying to rehab, they did provide the services he needed. The atmosphere was just depressing, though, through no fault of the staff.

Now we are home, and he has spent the day acclimating himself and trying to get comfortable in his new chair. I think he will be able to do more and more now each day. There is something to be said for being in your own comfortable environment when you are trying to recover. I spent the day catching up on laundry and finding the kitchen table under all the stuff I threw on it each time I came home in the last 12 days. Tomorrow I can spend some time sweeping and dusting and doing other household chores that I have let slip. We should also have a visit from the home health agency for a dressing change and some bloodwork, as well as PT. Slowly, slowly, life should return to normal. I know it will take awhile, but I have all the faith in the world that all will be well. After all, life is good! :)


Anonymous said...


I will call tomorrow...

Sue said...

Hi Nancy,
Glad to hear your hubby is home and out of that nursing home experience.
Those places can really be depressing.
My prayers are with both of you as he continues his recovery!
(My hubby is having cataract surgery Wed. morning) It will hopefully be quick and easy!

psbeachnut said...

Congratulations and welcome home! I'm sure you are both glad to be there! Hope Terry is progressing as planned. I will call later in the week. Take care. Count it all joy - life is good! Love, Me :)