Saturday, November 11, 2006

Things are looking up...

When I left Terry in the "rehab' facility tonight, it was the first night I left without feeling guilty for abandoning him there. He seemed more upbeat and for the first time, interested in something besides how he is feeling and how he is going to cope and how long it will take him to recover. He actually watched and commented on the news on television and was also interested in the news from Doug and Alissa. One more day, and then he can come home. I think we will both be ready by Monday. He had light therapy today and will have more tomorrow. The nurse thinks the incision is slow to knit, but they are giving him antibiotics to stave off any possible infection, and he has no fever. Life is good.

He also mentioned today that he hoped everyone understood and tolerated the fact that he didn't want visitors while he was in the "rehab" facility. He said he didn't want to make anyone mad at him, but he just didn't want to expose anyone to the depressing place. Most people would welcome company, but he rarely does when he is laid up. I'm not sure why this is, but it has always been the case. At least this time, we didn't keep any secrets from anyone. I have tried to keep everyone informed through every step of this "adventure."

We will be coming home on Monday and will begin the next phase of the recovery. I feel it will progress faster when we are in our own environment. At least I hope so. Let's all keep our fingers crossed :)


Alissa said...

Doug and I had news?? I'm fairly certain I didn't say anything he'd particularly want to hear :-)

Glad you're feeling a bit better.

psbeachnut said...

I read Alissa's comment and could actually hear her! :) Funny!

Anyway, I am glad things are on the upswing! I hope he got to come home today as scheduled. If so, we will see you sometime later in the week. Give him a bit of time to rebuild his strength and get comfortable in his favorite surroundings! Take care. Still keeping you both in my prayers. :)