Thursday, October 11, 2007

Guest Blogger

Drew has been staying with us since Monday. His dad brought him and Nick up, but Andy and Nick went home on Tuesday morning, and Drew has had his first big sleepover with us. I must say that Grandpa and I have been very impressed by how well-behaved he has been. This is what we have done in Drew's own words:
" We made Halloween stuff for my house. We went to the Louisville Slugger Museum and the Frazier Arms Museum. We saw shields, armor, swords, guns, and a buffalo. We bought a pen feather, a magnet, and two swords. I climbed on a giant ball glove. I batted balls. We saw them making bats. I got a bat and a ball. We ate pizza downtown. We saw the big river. We came home. I played with my toys and rested. We ate supper at Steak and Shake. I drove the golf cart every day all by myself. Today we went to the store to look for tires. We ate lunch at Ruthie's Lincoln Freeze. I had grilled cheese. We saw the log cabin where Abraham Lincoln was born. Tomorrow I will go home. I've had a good time."
I must say that of all the things that we did this week, driving the golf cart has definitely been Drew's favorite thing to do. I think he would have been happy just to do that all day every day. We have had a great time and look forward to doing it again...Life is good!


Anonymous said...

You keep saying how good he is being...are you SURE it's Drew and not an alien imposter?

See you guys tomorrow :-)

Susie said...

Someone's really been enjoying themselves here! Now tell the truth: Is it Grammy and Grandpa or is it Drew who's having the most fun?