Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This Is Retirement?

Here is a photo of the painting of the photo that I pilfered from my sister's blog, Count It All Joy, a few days ago. It shows just where I would like to be right now (and every day, for that matter!).

Instead of lounging around looking at the beach and the Gulf of Mexico, I am in Kentucky keeping very busy. I always thought that when I retired we would have the chance to go and be at the beach whenever we wanted. Unfortunately for me, last year only one of us could go, and this year only one of us wants to go. We will have to see how this pans out.

Meanwhile, we aren't lounging around anywhere at the moment. We have been very busy for the last several weeks, and even when we do have time to relax, one of us thinks of something that needs to be done. We have been seriously looking at a new home and trying to work out how to afford it and still keep this one for Doug and Kellie. I think we have that one figured out. Then we have been trying to get some maintenance done on this house so we leave it in good shape. Next, we were privileged to have Drew here for several days, and he did keep us busy. That's as it should be, and a good time was had by all. This week, it has been a series of routine doctor visits for me, and on Friday there will be one(not routine) for Doug. Sunday will be my season-pass trip to the local dinner theater. All of this ensures that not much grass grows under our feet, and I am beginning to long for a day when all I have to do is get up and sit around with a good book, a paintbrush, or a DVD control in my hand. That's unusual for me, the goer. It is just an indication of how very busy we have been. However, I am very grateful to be able to get up and go like that. Others aren't so lucky. For me, anyway, life is good!


Alissa said...

What's Doug going to the Dr. for??

Susie said...

I totally understand the busy all the time part of retirement. We've managed a few moments here and there, but pretty much our calendar is jammed with "must do's"
Hope you can have that much needed down time sooner rather than later!