Thursday, February 14, 2008

38 and Counting...

Today Terry and I have been married 38 years. That seems like such a long time when you say it out loud, and in fact, it is, but from day to day it doesn't seem that long. Of course, when I take time to think about all that has happened in the world and in our lives in the last 38 years, I realize how much time has passed. However, if I don't look in the mirror, I still feel pretty much like the same person I was then. And I still seem to see Terry as he looked then, too. I can see how everyone else ages, but it seems that we do not. :) Then again, my joints let me know how old I am!

In 38 years of marriage, we have lived in three different houses in two communities, and we are about to make it four. We have raised 3 children and seen them get married and establish their own households. We now have three grandchildren. Terry worked 30 years producing electric power and has been retired 10 years this summer. I taught or worked in schools for 22 years, spent about 8 years as a full-time wife and mom, and now I've been retired almost 3 years. We have traveled to many places (but not enough, in my opinion!). We have lived through a few life-threatening illnesses (his) and a debilitating one (mine). In spite of the fact that he is a pessimist and I am an optimist, he is a type-A while I am a type-B, and he worries while I take things as they come, our marriage is a solid one.

In the 38 years since we married, there have been many government changes and crises. We have been through 3 wars, an attack on our soil, lots of natural disasters (none of which affected us, fortunately), and a real culture change. Things that scandalized people in 1970 are not even blinked at now. When I look at some reality television, I cringe at what I see.

There have been many technological advances, too. Cable television, cell phones, personal computers, video games, microwave ovens, CD's and DVD's, iPods...the list goes on and on. I never thought we had life particularly hard, but I'll bet our kids would think we did!

Of course, some things don't change that much. Kids are still kids and will get away with what they can. Cars are fancier, but they aren't too much different in the way they run. Television and radio, while updated, aren't vastly different. We still cook on an electric stove, albeit a glass-topped one, and keep our food cold in the refrigerator. I still drink diet soft drinks, and Terry still loves iced tea.

I guess the more things change the more they stay the same. I wonder what will have changed in the next 38 years. I hope I am alive to see it. I'll only be 97, after all! Happy Anniversary to us and Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! Life is good...


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary from your dumb, forgetful daughter... :-)

Susie said...

Happy Anniversary Nancy and Terry :)
Hope it was a wonderful day for both of you and filled with all the special memories that a long, happy marriage brings..

Kellie said...

Happy Anniversary from your forgetful daughter-in-law! Hope you had a enjoyable one!