Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Now that all the holidays are over and spring is approaching (I think, although it's snowing right now), it's time to get busy on the new house. The shell of the house has been complete since last fall, but since we weren't ready to move yet, it has sat there waiting for us. Now the ball is rolling, and work has started on the inside. We stopped by today and noticed that the rough plumbing, the electric, the insulation, and the furnace are installed. Wallboard is ready to go up as soon as the plumbing is inspected and passes. We have chosen our floor coverings, cabinets, vanities and countertops. Of course, we upgraded on almost everything we chose, which was a great deal of fun. The first time we bought a new house, 36 years ago, we had to stick to the basics because it was all we could afford. The same thing was true when we bought our present home 29 years ago. It was a very old house in need of major renovations, and we did the renovations on the cheap, again because it was all we could afford. Now we are buying the last new house we plan to own, and we can afford to have pretty much what we want. Mind you, we don't want a great deal. We watch HGTV, and some of the things they do on there seem ridiculously expensive and unnecessary. Upgrade to us means higher quality laminate flooring and countertops, and a few extras in the cabinets.

We still need to choose our paint colors and light fixtures, and we still have a little bit of furniture to buy, but we have gotten a start on that, too. We have a new bed and nightstands, a new futon, and a new coffee table and end table already purchased and waiting. We still need a couch and recliner and some counter stools, as well as a television and table for it, and a refrigerator.

All of this shopping is such fun. I am having a ball choosing all these new things! Of course, it will be necessary to choose window treatments and new bedding, too. I just keep thinking of things to buy. Hope the kids aren't looking for too big an inheritance, because we are having such a good time spending it! :)

And, by the way, my Dad has had good news on his aneurysm and had his toe operated on to clean out his staph infection and is doing quite well, after the scare he gave us on Valentine's Day. This is only Tuesday, but so far this week is going great! We can only hope it keeps going the same way. Life is good...


Anonymous said...

I'm still having a hard time believing you're actually moving :-) Sounds like I'd best have Daddy buy me that tiller now, before you spend all the money! ;-)

Kellie said...

Glad your having so much fun shopping. just think, next you get to start packing! lol :) that's a whole-nother sent of fun!!