Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Like Grandpa, Like Grandson

If you read Alissa's post today, you saw that she was a LITTLE upset to discover that Nick has pneumonia. His grandpa gets pneumonia a lot. I used to panic over it, but now most of the time we take it in stride. Like today, for example. Terry has been coughing for several weeks, but he said it was not bad enough to go to the doctor. However, things took a turn for the worse on Monday, and he started feeling really bad and unable to sleep or lie down for the coughing. No fever, mind you, just coughing and chest discomfort. I suggested that maybe he had pneumonia like Nick does, but I was told to leave him alone. I suggested going to the doctor, but I was told to leave him alone. Today, I left him alone all morning and much of the afternoon while I took Doug to the doctor for a checkup on his new ACL, went to visit my dad in the hospital, had my monthly bloodwork done, and went to lunch before returning home to have him say, "Maybe I should go to the doctor." Well, DUH. We went to the doctor to find out that he did indeed have pneumonia, and not just a touch of it, either. We came home with lots of medicine, and amazingly enough, he is beginning to show signs of life. The pneumonia is not nearly as bad as some lung infections he has had, so he now thinks he might live. Life is good! :)


Susie said...

Glad the medications made a difference so quickly.
Did I miss a post that your Dad was in the hospital??
I feel so out of the blogging loop!
Poor little Nick. Alissa must be so worried..
I'll go say hello

Anonymous said...

hey momma. glad he's feeling better. chips feeling better too as i'm sure you saw from today. poor nicki, but as i said on lissa's page what a sweet picture of him sleeping in the chair. i just love this picture. anyway, hope all is going on the home front. all is well here. aivas as saucy as ever and chip seems to be happy other than the early mornings but he seems to really like his second job so i'msupportive. ((hugs)) goodnight and sweet dreams.

Anonymous said...

So I can blame this on Daddy? :-) I would feel much better if it's someone else's fault!