Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Catching Up, part 2

The house tour, continued... another view of the bedroom. We bought the furniture at a store where Alissa's friend works. Isn't it pretty? The room is a very peaceful and cool blue..
This is the second bedroom. Here it is ready for Alissa and the boys to camp out. It worked out perfectly, I do believe, and Nick enjoyed staying there by himself when his mom and brother went home. He chose to sleep on the floor rather than the futon or the air bed. How funny! His mom and uncles used to do that, too, in their case because they didn't want to have to make their beds...
Our enclosed sun porch. It is a lovely place to sit and eat breakfast in the morning. See the beautiful jasmine (stephanotis) plant that I received for Mother's Day? The hydrangea that I got is right about where Alissa is standing.
The hall bathroom. This is the bathroom Terry uses most of the time, and the "art" on the wall is an original piece we got in PCB, too, and he loves it. That is a whirlpool tub, and the boys loved using it..I haven't tried it out yet. I'm afraid I won't be able to get back up and out once I sit there, but I'm going to brave it one of these days, as I love the whirlpool.
Master, or in this case, Mistress bath. Terry doesn't use this one much, which is fine with me. It has a shower stall with a seat. Behind the door is a large walk-in closet, with my clothes lining the sides, and Terry's on the back rack. He just doesn't understand why I need so much room for clothes, or so many clothes, for that matter...

Well, that's the tour. It took a long time, but I finally got it up here. We are very comfortable here. I particularly love that it is new and bright and sparkling. I have the best intentions of keeping it that way, but we'll see. After all, I am a slob! Life is good...


Susie said...

Hi Nancy,
I loved the tour of your home! Everything looks so nice and new. It was almost like visiting you in person, but not quite as nice as a face to face visit would be! Maybe someday..
I think I'd be spending lots of time on that sunporch!!

alissasanderson said...

My goodness...I really should have edited those photos before giving them to you! Or at least straightened the crooked ones :-)

I think your house is beautiful. So very different from the old house, but nice and cozy and warm. Andy can't wait to see it.